Make Money Young: Turning Trash Into Cash

As a teen you want to make money. But do you know that you can make money buying items and using them to create new things?

There are many popular TV shows that do this like Money for Nothing. You take something that costs little to nothing and transform it into something that will sell for more.


I used to use this very same method. I would buy glass then create glass ornaments as decoration.


I created and ran this venture with one of my brothers. My Mom would also help as needed. First, we would go to thrift stores and buy different pieces of glass for really cheap prices, the glass could be in several different forms: vases, plates, glasses or goblets. Next. we would buy copper piping for our local Home Depot to be cut down as used as stakes. Then, we would use glue to adhere a couple different glass pieces to each other. The final product was a beautiful repurposed glass lawn ornament.


We would sell our finished product to friends and family. We would sell them at large yard sales and even made some sales to neighbors who walked by and had to have one. Each finished product was sold at $20. The cost to make each product was about $5. After selling 10 ornaments, we made around 200 dollars split between us all. Not bad for transforming cheap things into nice glass ornaments.


This is an example of our product:


Now I am not saying to just copy what we do and make glass ornaments. Use your own skills to create things. You can use your own ideas, see what you are good at, what things you like and create your own unique product.


If you are good at art, create pictures using different items. If you are good at woodshop create a chair out of wood. If you like painting turn an old chair into a newer, nicer one. There are so many different possibilities.


If you are creative enough and have a great product, you could make a business out of this. And you don’t need to sell just to family and friends. Sell in a local farmer’s market. Create a business card so you can hand it out in public. Sell your items on online selling services, like Ebay or Etsy.


If you put time and effort into this venture, you can find something you like to make and make money at it too. You can go so much father than we did.


To summarize, one way to make money easily is to buy something cheap and then fix it up or create something totally new and sell it for more money.