Make Money Young: Sell Items at School to Make Money

Still being young, one way to make some extra cash is to sell items at school. You can buy items at one price at then sell it at school for more.


First, I just want to say that you should be careful selling things at school. My school was okay with it, but your school may have a policy or procedure in place on what you can or cannot sell. If you have a green light to sell, the next important thing is to be sure to keep all your money and product where it can’t be stolen.


Being young gives us an advantage to be able to sell hot items to a large market of peers. You can buy a popular item at the store and then sell it at school for a profit.

I did this with great success. When everyone wanted a fidget spinner, I would buy and sell them. First I would buy several of the spinners at a store that had them near me. Sometimes this was difficult since fidget spinners were selling out everywhere! Then I would send a picture out on social media asking if anyone wanted to buy the fidget spinners. Many, many people responded back.  I sold each one for a profit of 5 dollars. Then at school, I would meet with each interested person and sell them. In the matter of 2 days I made 50 dollars!


Now don’t just go out and buy fidget spinners and start selling them, nobody wants them anymore. Instead try buying the next hot thing. Other past examples are Silly Bands, bracelets, and other small items that are popular and sell out quickly. It is all about supply and demand.


You also don’t need to use social media to tell everyone in school, but it was a big help. You can simply just ask people and see what they want. Word will also get around by mouth that you have something your peers want.


Also, don’t bring your “garbage” and ask if anyone wants to buy it, if you don’t want it chances are other people don’t want it either. Make sure its something you would want too.


But just be careful in school. You do not want to get in trouble selling things.  Also keep your money safe, when I sold fidget spinners, someone stole some of my money from me in PE class. I am telling you so you are careful with everything.


This blog post is similar to my other post, which you can find here, about taking cheap items and turning it into a profit for you.