Make Money Young: How to Save Money for Kids

As a kid you often have little money but want everything. As a kid it is hard to earn money but you often still do. Not only is making money as a kid hard, but saving it is too. As a kid you burn threw this money as soon as you get it. This makes it hard to buy more expensive things because you have no money. But, there is a way to get ride of this problem by saving your money.



What is Saving?

If you don’t know what saving money is it is just putting money aside to use later. But I understand most kids know what saving is, it is just hard to do. When you save money, you don’t often save all of it. You still have some money to spend.


By putting some money you earn aside, you are unlikely to use this money. This will cause you to save it up and then use all this money to buy something more pricey.


If you are having trouble however trying to make money, I have multiple ways to make money that you can see here and here and here. These are all different ways for kids to make money easy and fast.


Ways to Save

There are many different ways to save money but here are 2 different ways that has worked in the past for me.


  1. This first way is the technique I used as a kid to save up my money. I first created 2 different envelopes and in one I had the money I wanted to save and in the other I had the money I would spend.


Every time I made money I would put one half of it in each folder. So if I made 10 dollars I would put 5 in each folder. I gave the envelope of the money I wanted to save to my parents to make sure I couldn’t get into also.


This worked really well because I remember I saved up and bought myself a PS3 when it first came out which was like 400 dollars which is a lot for a kid ( and still now as a teen).


2. If you are more like one of my brothers in which they couldn’t even save money if they wanted to, this technique is better for you. Your parents are the best with helping you save money, so just ask them to help.


First, tell your parents what you want to save up for, like in my case I wanted a PS3. They will help you find the best price to buy it for and hoe much it costs. Second, every time you make money, give it to your parents so they can figure out what to do with the money. They will figure out how much to save each time.


And before you know it, you will have saved up enough money to buy what you wanted!



Saving up money is the best way to get what you want. Use any of these two techniques to help you save money and before you know it, you will have enough money to buy what ever you set out for.

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