Make Money Young: How to Make Money on YouTube for Teens

YouTube is a great website were you watch different videos by any different people. Many people use YouTube on a daily bases. Personally, I think that YouTube is a great website were you can learn a lot about most things or to just be entertained. Having a YouTube channel means that you can create videos for anyone to see. And if you build up enough of a following, you can start to make money.



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What you need

If you don’t have a channel, first create a google account. You need a google account to have a YouTube channel. After creating a google account you have a YouTube channel and you can start making your first video.


If you want to do well, start a YouTube channel because you want to have a channel, not to make money. It will take a little while to start a channel and to could take years before you earn your first dollar. Do it because you want to and not for money.


Also make videos that not a lot of people are making, there will be less competition. And make sure you upload on a set schedule so people know when you upload. Also when making videos, make sure it is on something you like and know a lot about. If I make a YouTube channel all about cooking, I would have no idea how to cook, but if I make a channel about making money I would know a lot about it. Also pick something you like doing.


If you already have a channel or are making one. Make sure you have a channel with around 1000 subscribers at least. And make sure that you have around the same number of views or more.


Making Money


One of the best ways to make money is using google adsense. Google adsense is ads that play at certain times in the video like at the start or at the 10 minute mark. If someone clicks on this ad, you will get a small sum of money for it. But after awhile, the money starts to add up.


To make the most money you want to focus on the videos views, the more people that see it, the clicks you will get, and the more money you will earn. Also try to make the video longer so you can get more ads in it. But, don’t stretch them out just to stretch them out.


Affiliate Links

Another great way is threw affiliate links. Affiliate links are links that pays you a percentage of the item on that page if the person you send there buys it. There are affiliate links to all sorts of stuff, amazon has a great affiliate links because you can use it on all of there products.


On a video you could talk about a product and have an affiliate link below in the description, if people are interested in what you are saying, they will buy it. If you are also using a website that sells things or gives a bonus for signing up to, you can use affiliate links too.



Sponsorship will make you the most money, but you will need a lot of subscribers. A sponsorship is when a company pays you to talk about a product or service in a video, promoting it.


You need lots of subscribers that actively watch your videos. You can reach out to company or they could reach out to you. And depending on what your videos are about, there could be more sponsors. For example, there are many sponsors for gaming channels because it is so popular, but there are not as many sponsors as a cooking channel.



But of course combining all three is the best way to go. You will make the most money by using all three. But the more views and subscribers you have, the more money you make. And if you keep up with the channel, you can make money on YouTube.