Make Money Young: Make Money When Grocery Shopping With Apps

For many people grocery shopping or food shopping, feels like a chore to them and they hate it. It takes such a long time and the food sometimes costs to much money. Well this can change that. You can make money when you are grocery shopping.


First I want so say that you will simply gain money back for grocery shopping and not get everything for free. You will spend more than you make but this will help cut the losses. But if you are not buying the grocery items or food, like kids or teens, this will be perfect for you, you can easily make so much money.




With these 2 simple apps you can make money when grocery shopping. I have used both of the apps listed below and I would recommend each one of them.




CheckPoints is great. There are two different ways to make money on CheckPoints. One is scanning items. Another is checking into locations.


The first thing is scanning. You can scan the bar code of a different product that is listed on the app to gain points. You don’t need to buy the product, just need to scan it to get the points.


The other thing is checking into locations. This is when you are at a store, you can check in that you have been there threw the app. When I used the app I would also check into places around me to gain even more points but I didn’t go there. When checking in, the places are all chain stores and don’t have to be a grocery store, the other stores can be clothing and many other stores.


CheckPoints is a great app for teens too. If they go to the grocery store they can scan items to make money, also making grocery shopping more fun. The app also offers videos to watch to earn points and there are other ways to make money too.


When redeeming your points, you can redeem for gift cards. When I redeemed, I got my gift card easily and really fast which I was super happy about. I highly recommend this app.


2. Shopkick 


Shopkick is similar to Checkpoints. There are three different ways to make money by grocery shopping on Shopkicks. The first thing is to scan products. Another thing is to scan your receipt. And the finally thing is to check into places.


The first thing is scanning. Scan is similar to Checkpoints, you scan the items bar code to gain your points.


The next thing is scan your receipt. On the app there are different products that get you points when buying them. If you scan the receipt on the app by taking pictures, you will gain a lot more points than just scanning bar codes. But you need to buy the product.


Finally, you can check into places. Now this one is different than CheckPoints. In CheckPoints, you need to just press a button to check into the place. On Shopkick however, you need to walk up to the store and the app will automatically check you in.


Shopkick is great for teens. When grocery shopping they can scan the product and scan the receipt to get points. They can also check into places too. This will make teens money for just going to the grocery store.


When redeeming, the app offers gift cards. If you click here, you can receive a free 250 points on signing up. You will be texted the app and it will automatically download it for you.


Final Thoughts


When picking out of these two apps what is better, I would choose Shopkick. It has more money making options and it is easier to use. It also has a great referral system. The items you scan will give you more points and there are more options on the different products to scan.


But having and using both apps is the best, It will allow you to make the most money. Especially if you are a teen where you don’t need to buy anything and can just use these two apps to make money.


Now you might not want to make money using the grocery store, that is fine. If you want to see how teens and kids can make money doing other things you can read more about it here.


So far I have used both apps and they work great, after only about 2 weeks, I made about 30 dollars. Which is great. My family buys a lot of food and goes to grocery store often which helped me get more points. Now instead of staying home, I wanted to go to the grocery to make some easy money.