Make Money Young: Make Money Umpiring or Refereeing a Game as a Teen

Many kids and teens play different sports and because of playing these sports, they know a lot about the sport. And kids and teens want to make money. So why not put the two things together and make money by refereeing or umpiring a game. It is easy to do and you can make a lot of money per game.



Why do this?

As a teen myself, I love to play football more than another sport (yes, american football). And after playing football for 9 years, I know almost everything about the game, it is easy. So when watching football on TV or when I am at the game, I know what the referees are doing.


For my team this past summer, I had to referee a big tournament. I learned a lot refereeing and it was a lot of fun.


But, you maybe asking, how does this help you? Well, I will tell you.


If you love the game you play already (if you are playing and not liking it, why are you keep playing) then you would love to watch a game of whatever sport and get paid. You know already a lot about the sport so it is just silly to try to referee or umpire it.


Before you start

Before going out to get a job refereeing or umpiring, just know that between different sports, the rules for refereeing or umpiring can be different.


Say I want to get a job refereeing a basketball game, well, the rules will be way different then a baseball game. And no, I am not taking about different in game rules, I am talking about rules about refereeing. There might be different rules regarding age for refereeing. Also, there could even be a test you have to pass to ref or even take a training cores. These sports may very.


Also different areas may have different rules about refereeing or umpiring sports.


Different areas may have you be different ages to ref the game. Also you may have to wear and have different equipment to ref the game.


So before you start, make sure you learn the rules about the sport you want to referee or umpire. Also, learn the rules about you area too.


What Sport?

Like I said earlier, you want to do a sport you know about, to make things easier. The more you know, the faster you can get to making money.


But if you are not sure what sport to ref, make sure you look at the rules first. In some sports you have to be an adult, like in american football because players can sometimes hit the ref. Also, different leagues may call for a different age to start referring at.


Choice wisely, but you can also do more than sport if there time doesn’t overlap.


My experience

I have only refereed or umpired a game only a couple of times, but I know many people that have a job in the summer umpiring baseball.


Per game, the umpire pay varies. If is is your first year, you can only umpire one level of baseball. You earn around 25 dollars per game you do. But, you can only do around 4 or 5 games a year in your first year, not making that much money.


But as you continue to umpire, the money you make greatly increases. After many years, you can umpire any level you want and the higher the level, the more money too. Also, you can umpire as many games as you want too.



As you can see, the more you umpire or referee, the more money you can make. And if you stick with it, you can gain certain rewards to make even more money. Refereeing and umpiring is a great way to make money as a teen being able to watch a sport you love and make money at the same time.




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