Make Money Young: Make Money with Sweatcoin for Teens and Kids

A great way to make money for any age is to use a phone and an app to make money. There are all kinds of different apps that make you money and have you do a variety of things like downloading apps or watching ads. One of the more resent and popular making money apps came out, it is called Sweatcoin. Basically what this app does is pay you for walking. Imagine that, an app that pays you to do something you already do.



What is this app about?

Like I said before, this app will pay you to walk and take steps. This first tracks your steps to see how many steps you have taken through the day, but there is a max of 5000 steps, but you can buy an upgrade for more steps per day.


Then these steps are ran threw an analyse to see if your steps are real, this makes sure there is no cheating. Then the app will pay you Sweatcoins which is a cyrptocurrency and then you can use these Sweatcoins to pay for real things on the app.


There is also a daily claim that you can do to earn 1 sweatcoin.


What can I Buy?

Sweatcoin offers new things daily.

So everyday some items can change meaning that there are new items to buy each day. Most of these daily items are actual products and not gift cards or money.


There are also things that you can buy that are gift cards and PayPal cash, but there is not a lot them. There is really isn’t much option to choose from on this app, it doesn’t have a lot to give which is one downside.


Can I Refer a Friend?

Of course, there are a lot of apps that let you refer a friend including this one. All you need to do is download the app of your friends link or visa versa to refer a friend. You can even do this after the app is installed which is great.


The person that refers the other person will receive 5 Sweatcoins which is a really good amount. They can also refer multiple people and there is no limit! The person that uses thew link will also receive some Sweatcoins too.


In addition after referring enough people, they can get gift cards. After referring just 5 people, you can receive a 1 dollars gift card in addition to all the Sweatcoins you got. And after referring 30 people, you can get a 20 dollar gift card in addition to all the Sweatcoins.


You can use my link ( ) to get some free Sweatcoins and to also help me out too.


How do I get the Most Steps?

Well the best way this app works is if you use it outside, something about being indoors makes it weird but still works. Also, try to walk at a regular pace, not to slow so the app will not count you steps and not to fast for the same reason.


In the app you can turn of battery saving mode to have it count more steps. But most importantly, just walk, that is the best way to gain steps. Start to walk more often to gain these steps.


One Bad Thing

I have been using this app for a couple of days now and I have ran into a problem some times. When turning the steps into Sweatcoins, I have been having some trouble. The app says that about 65% of steps turn into Sweatcoin, for me, this has not been the case.


I have been getting percentages like 6% and 9%, way to low and where the the conversion where I had the most steps.. But, I have been walking normally. I have also gotten percentages like 90% and 85%. It may just be me, but this has been the only problem for me.



I would highly recommend this app to anyone that wants to try it. It is just so easy to make money doing something you already do everyday, walk. I love this app because anyone can use it including kids and teens which will help you and them make money with Sweatcoin.






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