Make Money Young: Make Money Shoveling Snow as a Kid or Teen

During winter, in most places it snows. It goes everywhere and into unwanted areas. Clearing different places like sidewalks and driveways can sometimes take time, which some people don’t have. By shoveling snow, you can make a lot of money helping out other people. Shoveling snow is easy and can be fun too.


Before You Start

Before you start to shovel snow, you need to be in a place where it snows. If you get snow once or twice a year this could still work for you too. But the more snow, the more money you can make. Bottom line is that you need snow to shovel snow, simple.


Also if you will be shoveling snow for money, it maybe be worth buying a good snow shovel. If you live in a place where it snows, you must likely have a shovel. They maybe cheap plastic ones but are good enough for shoveling. But if you are going to spend hours shoveling snow you may want one that is easier to use. You maybe by thinking normal shovels are easy to use, well they make new shovels which are easier to lift and better for you to use if you have a bad back. It is worth it if you shovel a lot. You can find these shovels at all the stores including Walmart and Target.


How I Make Money Shoveling Snow

Like most people, I live where it snows. So when it starts snowing, I try to make the most money I can when it starts to snow. I shovel at my house for my parents.


At the beginning of every winter, or before it snows, me and my parents make a deal for shoveling. I must shovel for a whole year (until it stops snowing) and then they will pay me once at the end of the year. But they will only give me a set amount.


Say they pay me 100 dollars and it snows the amount so that I only needed to do 50 dollars of work. I can keep the 100 dollars and I had to do little work. But at the other side, I get payed 100 dollars but it snows so that I need to do 150 dollars of work, I can only keep the 100 dollars. I keep the 100 dollars but I had to do more work then what I was payed for. This could be risky for some people. But I recommend to try it out this way, you could make extra money.



Other Ways to Make Money

Besides the method above there are so many different ways to get payed and how to get payed. Another way is to get payed every time you shovel. Say you go outside and shovel your driveway, you will get payed right there for that.


Another way to get payed is in products or things that you want. Say you want a new video game, you can shovel snow for a whole year to work off that debt you earned from getting the video game.


Expanding Your Business

So far I have only talked about making money with your parents. Well you can shovel other peoples drive ways too you know. Make flyers saying that you will go around and shovel peoples driveways for a set amount a year. Also leave a email or phone number so people can contact you. When people contact you back pick out days to go over to shovel or go over when it snows. If you are just shoveling driveways then go ask the people for extra money to do sidewalks, they will give even more money to you.


But if you don’t want to make flyers ask elders nearby where you live. For them it is hard to go out and shovel snow so it is good to help out. Go to there house and ask them if you can shovel their driveway for some money. Almost always they will say yes and be very thankful of you helping out.


And if people have trucks go and plow there driveways, ask if you can do there sidewalks and other pathways for money. You may not make as much money as on the driveway. But it is extra money you don’t have. I personally do this for my neighbors, they have a plow come and do their driveway so then I go and do their sidewalks and other paths. It is a good way to make extra money.



Making money when shoveling snow is easy and fun. There are many ways to make money when shoveling snow and to get payed. And it is very easy to expand your business. But, only if it snows near you.


I have also talked a little bit about this too in another blog post I wrote. If you want to check it out you can find it here along with another way to make money.