Make Money Young: Make Money Selling Your Old Things on Ebay

As you get older there are many things you grow out of and don’t want. You don’t want to use these things anymore because you don’t like them. Now these things are just a big waste of space and you never really use it anymore. But, by selling these things on Ebay, other people will be able to use these things and you can get ride of it. But most importantly, you can make some money out of it.


What is Ebay?

If you have not used or at least not heard of Ebay before you must be living under a rock. Ebay is basically a online garage/ yard sale, you can list your old stuff by taking pictures and listing a price, and then people can come and buy your stuff and they can also make offers.


Ebay is an amazing tool and one that I have used for a long time. I am able to get rid of so many things and gain money back from it. I can use it all year around, unlike a yard sale. Ebay is simple to use and after selling your first listing on Ebay, it is hard to stop.


What to Sell?

You want to sell your old things but you don’t know what to sell? Make sure the stuff that you are trying to sell has some value. If you think it is garbage, others will too. Make sure that you like what you are selling. If you are trying to sell a ripped and bet up poster, nobody would want that. People want things that are not damaged.


Also if you want to sell your old stuff, think do I still use it or do I want to get rid of it? If you still use the thing you are selling, why would you sell it. Also do you want to, maybe the thing you are selling has a personal value to it. But if you don’t still use your item or don’t care about it, you can sell it.


Everything sells on Ebay, you can sell everything. But, somethings sell better than others. One of the best things to sell on Ebay are clothes. Everybody needs clothes and many people on Ebay are looking for them. Just be careful to list the right size when listing your piece of clothing. Another thing that sells well on Ebay is electronics. Many people are trying to look for electronics for cheaper that what stores sell them at on Ebay. Another thing that sells well are collectibles. Everybody looks for these because well, they are collectibles.


My Ebay Experience

I first started off selling on Ebay about 6 months ago. I was trying to sell off my Pop Vinyl collection which are basically vinyl figures that many people collect. When I first started to sell these I listed up 3 different figures. After about 3 weeks at a reasonable price, they still have yet to sell. I was pretty sad because I thought I would make some extra money. So I took my figures off Ebay and didn’t go on it until 3 moths ago.


3 months ago I tried to sell these figures again, this time with a different strategy. First I started off by listing 8 new figures . The more I listed the more I could sell. I also listed more of the ones people wanted. The higher the price, the more people wanted them because of supply and demand. After I had all of my figures listed, and used these strategies, I started to make some money. So far after 3 months of waiting on my figures to sell, I made 100 dollars.



Using Ebay is a great way to make some extra money by selling your old stuff. Just make sure that your stuff is not garbage and it will sell.