Make Money Young: Make Money Selling Kits

One of the best ways to make money is to sell things online. Most people like to sell whole, complete things. But, do you know that you can make money by selling kits? Yes, that is right, selling kits to build your own product can make you money online too.


Why sell kits?

Kits are a great thing to sell. These kits are build your own kits that a person can by and then make there own whatever you are trying to sell. The best example of these kits is Lego, you can purchase a box with specific pieces to build the thing in the box, it is a kit for building a toy.


Why should you sell kits? Well, they can cost less to buy and make. Say you are building a computer, buying all the parts needed is cheaper than buying the full assembled computer because these companies need to pay workers as a labor cost to put it together. It is cheaper to buy all these pieces than to buy it whole (sometimes).


There can be some bad parts about selling kits though. You would need to create instructions to have with the kit so the person that buys your kit can figure out how to but it together. Also, if you buy the parts for the kit from stores, the store can go out of stock on the kit making you be out of stock on the kit because you don’t have enough pieces to complete the kit.


How to make kits?

I want to start off by saying, make something you will have fun doing and something that interested you. If you don’t , making kits will bore you and you will stop making money.


So, to make these kits, first pick a kit you want to make. Say I wanted to make a kit for making a flashlight, figure out all the pieces you will need to make that flashlight and all the tools need to construct it (this will come in later). So make sure you know what you need.


Next, buy all the piece. Go to different stores and try to find the cheapest (but durable) parts you can to make the most profit. Go to stores or look online find these pieces and then buy the parts.


Finally, you need to make a instruction guide. The person assembling this will not know how to build it without instructions. Make sure when righting these, be so detailed that a 5 year old could put it together. Also make sure to list all the tools needed to put it together.


Where to sell kits?

So you can pretty much sell the kits on any online website you would like. And I recommend online because you will have more customers. Also, selling online allows you to sell all around your area.


I would personally recommend eBay for the online website to sell on. eBay is free to use, which is very nice when starting out. eBay offers you to sell what ever kits you want also, while other websites may have certain restrictions on these kits. I have used eBay before and it is so easy to use, that is why I recommend it.



Making kits are a great way to make money. You can sell these kits for a profit. You can make whatever kit you want and sell it to make money on some big websites.


I would like to give create to this website for helping me come up with this idea on how to make money.


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