Make Money Young: Make Money Buying and Selling Gift Cards

For birthdays, many people often get gift cards to different stores from friends and family. Many people want the gift cards and use them. But, sometimes you never use the gift cards that were gifted to you and are sitting somewhere collecting dust. Well, do you know that you can sell these gift cards? You can sell them to other friends and family or just sell them off to a website, they don’t need to collect dust anymore.


How it all Works

Buying and selling gift cards can be really simple and even fun. Fist you need to buy the gift card, there are many different ways you can buy this gift cards. But you want to make sure the price is discounted and not the full values, if there is a 20 dollar gift card, you want to pay less than 20 dollars or you will not make money.


Then, after you must sell this cards, sell them on different websites online or to friends and family. Make sure that you still sell it for less than the card is actually worth, this may seem dumb but the card will not sell, many websites and shops offer discounted cards, without lowering the price people will by from them instead of you.


Where to Buy the Gift Cards

There are many places where you can buy discounted gift cards. Here are a list of the three best places (not ranked in order)…


  1. Stores- Many stores around holidays offer discounts on there gift cards from time to time. These stores don’t have the sales on gift cards are out for a limited amount of time. Also restaurants offer sales on there gift cards more often then stores. But it depends on which one you go to. But what is so good about these stores and restaurants, you know the gift cards are real and will work. Sometimes with other sites you can get scammed.
  2. Ebay- People often sell gift cards on Ebay. You could buy them in the buy it now section of Ebay, or where you get the most discounts is in the auction. You must bid out other people for gift cards and you could get higher discounts on cards than any other part of Ebay.
  3. Websites- Many websites like this one sell gift cards at a discounted rate. Sometimes they are so discounted that you can make a little bit of money. But these websites let you buy them discounted so you can use them at a store or restaurant.



Where to sell Gift Cards

Just like buying gift cards, some places are better than others, so here are my top 2 favorite places…


  1. Ebay- Yes, you can also buy gift cards from here. But if people buy gift cards from Ebay, it must be a great place to sell them. Ebay has tons of gift card buyers to come and buy gift cards, it has so much traffic already. But when selling gift cards, sell gift cards on auction mode. More people will bid on the gift cards and bid the price up to be over the value of the card or close to it.
  2. Websites- There are websites that are dedicated to buy your gift cards, like some are to sell gift cards. These websites are instant and really good. Here is an example.


But, if you can’t sell them online or don’t want to, you could always ask friends and family if they want to buy cheap gift cards for gifts.