Make Money Young: Make Money By Selling Free Posters for Kids and Teens

Poster are really cool and many people have them, either the posters being about video games, movies, TV shows, or other things. People love to have posters as decoration and as something they like. But, with many stores, you must pay to buy theses posters that people want. But you can get these for free, faster than you think.



Why Posters?

Many people love posters. They are cheaper than photos and have cool designs on them. They also are very cheap to buy. I personally own some myself, I like them too.


Also many posters can be about characters in movies and video games. Say a new video game comes out and it is really popular, fans of the game would want a poster to show how much they love the game. Same thing with a new movie.


But, people often pay to much for these posters. Posters can get expensive when trying to buy popular ones because everyone wants them. But, there are ways you can get these posters for free and sell them to people.


Getting the Posters

The easiest way to get posters in my opinion, is at video game stores. By were I live there are a couple gaming stores called Gamestop. Every month they put up new posters in there windows and throw the old ones away. By simply asking for these posters you can get them for free, the one were I went called me when they took it down to come pick up the posters, they also gave me extra ones.


But, this does restrict you to only getting video game posters, but video games are very popular too. Sometimes, if a game has a poster that comes along with it when you buy it, I can get those for free just by simply asking. So just by asking workers, you could get free posters. Try it out near you.


It is a little bit harder to get movie posters. Movie theaters have huge posters over 10 feet tall and massive cardboard cutouts of these movies. Again by just simply asking you can get these movie posters for free. But, the are harder to get.


Workers get first picks if they want any of the posters. If they don’t first one to ask will get it, and there are a lot of people asking about them. I have never been able to get a poster or cutout before. But, check out your movie theater near you and see what they have to say, it could be different from me.


Making the Money

Now, after you have got these posters, you just need to sell them. The best way to sell these is on eBay. I have talked about eBay before in my other blog post here. You can list it on eBay for what ever you want, there is a very high chance you are the only one that is selling the poster, just don’t make it to expensive so people will not buy it. And try not have to big posters because you will be shipping these, and you will need correct packaging.


But, if you don’t want to sell on eBay and don’t want to ship your items, you should try out Letgo. Letgo is an app where you can list things for sale and once they sell, you meet up with the buyer were ever you want. I recommend it because I have almost sold one of my posters on there for 10 dollars, and no, the buyer didn’t back out, I did. Letgo lets you save money on shipping but can cost you with gas having to meet your buyer.



Getting free posters can be so easy, and can make you money to. People are looking for these posters, and if you have them, you could make money on them.

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