Make Money Young: Make Money Saving Other People Money For Teens and Kids

Making money for kids and teens can be hard. Most kids and young teens can’t get a job to earn money and they can’t do many things to make money too. But as a kid, you want everything and you want money to buy everything. One of the best ways to make money as a kid is to help others save money. By saving others money you can make money for yourself and here is how.



How to make money?

So to make money by saving others money, it is really simple. First you need to figure out who you want to save money for, most likely your parents or family as a kid. But this could change if you grow.


Next, you want to make sure you save them money from something they always do like go shopping. You can help them save money buy doing all kinds of things like making them, go to different stores for better prices or getting coupons. The key is to make sure they do no work to save this money and you do all the work for them.


But, before you help that person save money, make sure to make an agreement before. Make sure to tell them for this work, you will get payed a sum amount. 50% of what they saved is the max limit that I would go to help them. So they would pay you 50% of their savings, and that is how you make the money.


Why does this work?

Most adults really don’t have that much time to do things. They are often really busy and can’t get this kind of stuff done. By you helping them save this money and doing all the work, you are saving them their precise time.


By saving some of there time and money, they of course would want to repay you. By you doing the work to save money, you can make at most half of the savings back.


An example

Here is an example of this plan in action…


You want to earn some money. You notice your parents are spending a lot on groceries and they want to save money. But, they have little time to sit down and try to save money.


So, you sit down with your parents and make an agreement. This agreement is that if you help them save money grocery shopping, you will be repayed 40% of that savings. So you start to help them save money by looking for the stores that are on sale and have the lowest prices of a product you want. You also cut coupons to save even more money.


When your parent goes out to the store, they spent around 80 dollars at the grocery store. Normally they pay around 100 dollars, so you get 8 dollars for all that work. And the next week you continue to do the same thing and make even more money.


But you didn’t stop there, you help other member of your family save money too and made them agree to the save terms as your parents. Now you are making 32 dollars a week by just helping out your family save money.

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