Make Money Young: Make Money Reselling Holiday Decorations

Most people love to decorate there house (depending on where you live) for many different holidays including Christmas, Halloween, Hanukkah, and many more holidays. Different sell these decorations around that holiday time and after they try to get rid of it all. But, you can in fact make money by buying and then later reselling these decorations for a profit.



Why Do This?

Decorations are in pretty high demand around that specific holiday time. Many people want to buy new decorations either it be to get more or to replace old ones, they are a hot thing to sell around that time.


Also, the decorations are really easy to find. Many different stores and online stores, like amazon, offer the decorations to buy before and for a little bit of time after. You can buy these decorations fast and easy too.


The only downside is that these decorations are a seasonal item meaning you can only buy or sell at a lot of time during one time. It is very hard to sell items out of season since nobody wants to buy Christmas decorations in July, people are not thinking about it yet.


Where to Buy Decorations?

It is really easy to buy these decorations since they are so widely available. But, I would recommend stores over online stores because stores offer better deals because they want to git rid of all the decorations quickly so they can fit the new seasonal item in. Websites don’t need to do that because they already keep everything in a warehouse.


I am going to use Christmas for the next couple of things as an example because Christmas well known through many countries and it is somersetting that all seasonal items will be discounted soon.


Another important thing is the time in which you buy the decoration. Buying the decorations is so much cheaper buying them after Christmas than before. The stores wants to get rid of all these items to make room for the next seasonal item that will be sold.


I would also recommend to go to big department stores like Target or Walmart. These stores offer the best deals on the products than smaller stores.


Where to Sell Decorations?

Before you can sell them, you need to know one thing, when to sell them. When selling the decorations start selling them about one to two months before the holiday. This will make the prices be the highest they can be and more than what you bought the decorations for.


But, the best place to sell these decorations is on eBay. Selling on amazon is hard because there are so many competitors trying to sell what you are selling. Also, amazon can sell these products them self and can offer huge discounts on the products which you or I can’t even think about doing.


eBay has very low competition on what you are trying to sell and has very low fees as well. Amazon has greater fees than eBay. Match your price to a decoration being sold already on eBay or to one on Amazon (but on the lowest).


Also, try to make your listing look at professional as possible. Most listing on eBay is products that they user wants to sell and there listing wasn’t look that nice. On eBay make it look nice and professional so customers will see it and want to pick it over something that doesn’t look as good.



You can make tons of money by buying and selling holiday decorations. Make sure you buy them for a low price and sell them at a great time to maximize your profits.

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