Make Money Young: How to Make Money Selling Virtual Currency For Kids and Teens

There are many ways to make money by playing video games. It can be making YouTube videos, live streaming on Twitch, and many more. But, when playing these video games offer virtual currency in the form of coins, money, tokens, and other things as the games money system. Well, did you know you can turn around and sell this currency?


I have talked about making money playing video games before, if you want to check it out you can find it here.



Why Virtual Currency?

There is many reasons why virtual currency is great to sell…


  1. After playing a game long enough, you can often have a lot of extra and unwanted currency that you may simply just never use. It happens to me all the time after finishing playing a game, I will never go back to play the game or use the currency.


2. Other people want the currency. In order to get better, you must have a lot of this currency to buy items in the game, so many players want it. And if a player is just starting off, they want to move ahead as fast as possible.


3. Virtual Currency can be easy to get. After playing a game long enough or just simply watching a couple YouTube videos, you can learn all the secrets to be making this currency fast.


What Games to Sell Virtual Currency On?

The games that I recommend you sell Virtual Currency on is most sports games. In many different modes you need coins in order to make your team better and many players are willing to pay for it. Also making money can be so easy with many YouTube videos explaining how to make coins on these sport games, and after making these coins for awhile, you can develop even better ways.


Some of these sporting games include…

  • NBA 2K-Basketball
  • Madden-Football
  • Madden Mobile-Football (an app)


People have been selling Madden Mobile coins for awhile now, and I would recommend to sell them too. I have been playing the game for the last 3 years and now making coins is so easy to me, I can rake up 1 million coins in an hour. This website here is an example of someone that sells madden mobile coins.


But you should not limit yourself to just these games, this is just what I recommend. Go out and try different games, they maybe better than what I listed.


How do I Sell Virtual Currency?

For some games, there are specific websites were you can sell you virtual currency to. They will buy the coins from you and then turn around and sell it. To get the coins they might have you buy something from the game the coins are on so they can get the coins, or you will give them you account information and they will go into your account and take the coins.


Another way is Ebay. Just put up a listing saying you are selling coins from whatever game they are on and how much the price is. After someone buys them, have them put up an item in the games market and buy it from them, this will give them the coins. But if there is no in game market you will have to find another way to give the player your coins.



Selling virtual currency can make you money when playing video games. When you play the game a lot you can make a lot of money by developing a strategy to make these coins. And many players are willing to buy them from you. Will you let your virtual currency go to waist?