Make Money Young: Make Money with Microworkers

There are so many different apps and websites that you can make money. They let you make money from doing many different things like watching videos, scanning products, to downloading apps. These websites and apps will let you do a lot of things to make money. But one of the best websites to make money on is Microworkers because it is very easy.



What is Microworkers?

Microworkers is a website that helps you make money. So basically, different companies use Microworkers to post mini takes for users to complete. These tasks can vary in pay and length.


The pay can range. The maximum payout of completing just one task can be 2 dollars, but the task may take long, but only like 10 minutes at most. The lowest the task will pay is a couple of cents but these tasks are quick. So, the higher payout you get, the longer it can take.


Also, Microworkers must first approve your job meaning that after you complete the task, the company will check to see if you did a good enough job. If you didn’t do a good job or didn’t end up doing what they wanted, they will not pay for you. And, it takes time for the company to pay you, but the longest it has taken for me is 5 days, which isn’t to bad.


Microworkers also offers a blog, which you can find here.


How to Make Money?

Like I said before, you can complete tasks to earn money. The tasks vary in amount of payout and length. So when trying to pick, do something that will not take too long.


After you make your money, there is no minimum dollar amount for you needing to check out and receive your money. But, the only way to get payed is with a check threw the mail. Microworkers does not offer P_PayPal payments.


What are the Best Jobs to Complete?

There are many great jobs for you to do, but these are my favorite jobs to do.


  1. Mobile App Download/ IOS App Testing


This job is extremely easy and also fun too. Downloading apps give you the most money for just doing one task but are often the longest.


To do this, you must follow the specific steps listed. First, download the specific app the site tells you to. Then just play on it for a little while, and download 3 apps you see on ads. Take a screenshot of all the apps and submit it to Microworkers and you are done!


This makes you the most money and is extremely simple to do.


2. Web Research


This is also and easy task to do. It might not make you as much money per task ( around 40 cents) you can get way more done in the time it takes you to complete the other app downloading task.


It is simple, Microworkers will tell you something to search and where to go. All you have to do is copy and paste what every it tells you to and submit is to Microworkers. It is that simple.



Microworkers is a great website to make money on .You can complete many jobs for money. It may not seem like a lot at first, it is can grow really fast.


I once used Microworkers to make money too. In about 1 hour of work, I would make around 6 dollars. That is not bad especially if you are a teen or have no job.

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