Make Money Young: Make Money as a Kid at Home With Chores

As a kid you want money to buy a new toy or a new video game. But, you are to young to work and you can’t do a lot of things. As a kid it is very hard to make money but you always want new and different things. But by making money at home, you can earn extra money to help you buy whatever you want.


Making Money as a Kid is Hard

Still being young and a kid, it is very hard to make money. I remember as a kid I always wanted to have the new toy or new game but it was very hard to make money. Kids are to young to go to work. Also they can’t use very many online websites to make money on too. It is very hard, but when I was a kid me and my parents created some ideas to help make me money.



Making Money at Home

Of course you can always get money during your birthday, but it only comes around once a year. You can make money at home to get even more money. You can do chores around your house.


Talk to your parents about helping around the house and ask if you can get payed. Do some chores and ask to get payed for them. Don’t ask for too much because most likely you will get payed weekly.


Also if you say you will do this chores, do them. If you only do them once or twice, then the next time you ask your parents may say no because you couldn’t and didn’t want to do them before.


What Chores for How Much

How much you get depends on how many and hard the chores are. If you do a chore that takes one hour, you will get more money then one that only takes 30 minutes. It makes sense because you are spending more time on one than the other.


It also depends on how many times you do it. Say you have to do a chore that takes 20 minutes, but only once a week. You will get more if you do a chore for 5 minutes, but everyday. You will spend more time one the chore for 5 minutes a day, which will get you more money.


But I am not your parents, so I don’t know how much they will be willing to give you. I can only say what I think and help you get money, but I am not your parents. They get to decide how much they want to pay you based on there income.


What Chores

There are so many different chores that you can do to make money. You can clean the dishes after dinner everyday. Or you can clean all the bathrooms in your house. Also you can vacuum your house. There are many more chores you can do too. Think of something that your parents don’t like doing and do it, they will pay more money to you since they don’t like doing it.


One of my favorite chores is shoveling snow. This only works if you get enough snow where it will fall many times per year. I still shovel snow and I am not a kid anymore. Since I like being outdoors so this really works for me. I get payed once, at the beginning of the year, my parents pay me. If it snows less than what they payed me to do, I get lucky. But if it snows more than what I get payed to do, I get unlucky.


Here is a list of chores you can do as a kid if you can’t think of any ideas.



When I was a kid, me and my siblings had a job board. It was a board which had different jobs on it. I would ask my parents if I could do this job, and when I did it they would give me the money. Also I could ask my parents about jobs that were not on the board. I could still get payed for those too.



Making money as a kid is hard work. But you can make a lot of money at home by doing chores. Ask your parents about different chores you can do and do them. You can get money from these chores.


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