Make Money Young: Make Money from Instagram for Teens

As a teen, everyone uses social media, your friends, family, and others. We can easy spend hours on social media interacting with friends, viewing pictures, and doing other things. One of the most popular social media sites is by far Instagram. Most people use or have used Instagram before or of at least heard of it. But by using Instagram, did you know that you can make money with it?


Making money on Instagram can be easy and simple. But if you can’t get Instagram, I have other blog posts here and here about how to make money a different way.


Your Profile

Before you can make money on Instagram, you need a profile. Your profile will need to be about a certain niche, or topic. There are many good niches on Instagram like food, quotes, sports, and funny pictures/videos. You should post only about what your niche is about, also post at least once every other day. You should be active and talk with followers so they stick around. When creating your profile think would I want to follow this profile.


Gaining Followers

There are many ways to gain followers on Instagram. Here are two different ways to gain the most about of followers…


1. Follow people. You need to follow people that like your niche. You can go to a popular site about your niche and follow the people that follow the site and like the pictures. When you follow them, they will view your site and see your content and maybe follow back. But you need to be careful, you can only follow so many people in one day. But if you don’t want to do this because you will then have so many people you are following, you can simple unfollow them after one day. Some people will unfollow but you will have less following.


2. Shoutouts. You can get shoutouts so easy now and they will gain you a lot of active followers. Just ask an account in your niche to give you a shout out, direct message them. Do not go and ask the biggest account. Ask accounts with the same or similar follower amounts to yours. This will bring on active real followers over your account. If they like your stuff, they will then follow you.


You could also buy the shoutouts. You can buy them from the big accounts in your niche. But these will be expensive costing a lot of money, the bigger the account the more money it is to buy one. But this will grow your account really fast.


These two different methods will get you many followers. Most importantly, they will be active. Will will share you to there friends and like and comment on your photos. This is important because you don’t want an account with many followers but only getting a couple likes per photo.


Making the Money

After you have grown your account, you can start making the money. You still want to be as active as you were before and post the same content and at the same times. You want to be the same account. Also you need a lot of followers, 1000 is the lowest amount you can have. But even with 1000 followers, you will not gain that much money. Instead try to reach for 5000 or more to start.


There are two different ways on how to make money on Instagram.


1. Shoutouts. Yes, I had them listed above too. You can use shoutout to make money. Unlike above, small accounts related to you will ask for these shoutouts instead of similar sized accounts. On your bio just add, We Sell Shoutouts. The more amount of followers you have, the higher the prices. It can also depend on what time of shoutout, only leaving it up for 24 hours, on your Instagram story, or keep shouting you out until you get to the desired amount of followers.


These smaller amounts will contact you for a shoutout. They will gain a lot of followers for the shoutout because you are passing all your traffic to them. They will gain followers really fast, but you have to pay a lot.


2. Affilate Marketing. If you don’t know what this is, it is a link that if people click on and buy something on, you will get some money for it. Now it depends what type of niche your in to do this in. Someone in the fashion niche will get more links than someone in the food niche will because it is hard to find affiliate links for food, same as funny videos/photos.


You can just post a link in your description of the post you want the link on. You could also get a picture will the affiliate link product and then in the description link it. Or you can custom make a picture with the product and put the link in the description. There are many ways to do this affiliate marketing, just find the way that is best for your account. Also there are different websites you can do this on, I would recommend Amazon because they have the biggest selection of items.



These two different methods can make you a lot of money on Instagram. But if you can take one thing from this, the more followers you have, the more money you can make. Put time into getting your followers up to make even more money.