Make Money Young: Make Money Downloading Apps as a Teen

As a teen, you spend a lot of time on your smart phone doing many different things. I spend a lot of time on my phone too. And on your phone there are great ways to make money that maybe you are not utilizing. Many ways involve using an app to do simple tasks. But some apps allow you to download other apps to make money. 


I have other blog posts too about making money using your phone. You can check them out here and here if you don’t want to download apps.


About the App

The app that allows you to make money online is called AppNana. AppNana lets you download other apps and you will then get points for these apps. This is perfect if you want to find new apps, you can then use the apps you download and you will get paid for it. AppNana is available on both the App Store and The Google Play Store. If you want to check the website out for AppNana, you can find it here.


Make Money Downloading Apps

After downloading AppNana, you can then download apps to make money. You will click on the app you want to download for points, and it will take you to the App Store or Google Play Store and then you can download it from there. After downloading it you will then need to use the app you downloaded for points to earn your points. After using the app, go back to AppNana to check if your points are there.


When downloading the apps, make sure you don’t download the same one. The app will only work once to earn points, after that you can’t earn anything. Also, I would recommend to leave the app open for at least 5 minutes. That will let AppNana know that you have been using the app. Also, don’t sign up for anything unless you like the app and you will continue to use it. You don’t want your email filling up with junk mail from an app you don’t even use. You will get a refresh of apps daily, meaning that everyday there will be new apps for you to download. Also the apps from the day before will be gone.


But there is just one problem with AppNana. Sometimes, the download will not work, I don’t know why but they will not work. About one in every 5 apps you download will not work. By not work, I mean that you can download the apps but no matter how long you stay on the app, you will not earn your points.



This app offers a great referral system. Every time someone enters your code, you will earn 2,500 points which is around 12 cents, but that depends on what you redeem. It may not sound like a lot but you can rack up referrals fast. AppNana allows you to share your referral code in many different ways including on social media. But what if you enter in your friend’s code, what does it give you. It will give you 2,500 points but you can only enter in one code.


If you would like, you can enter in my referral m15578362



AppNana offers so many rewards. It does not offer gift cards to stores that you can go to, like Walmart. Instead, the app offers gift cards for Amazon or Paypal. Also the app will give you credits to different video games like NBA 2K17. But the coolest part about AppNana is how you can buy apps that normal cost money for free on AppNana. You can put your points into an app that costs money and get it for free.



I have been using AppNana for a long time now and I would highly recommend it to anyone. If you used the app on a regular base, I don’t see why you can’t make at least 8,000 points a day. I have used AppNana on a regular base for two weeks straight, I now have almost 130,000 points. I really love AppNana, it is so simple and a great way to make a couple extra dollars.