Make Money Young: 8 Websites to Make Money With

Are you a teen or know a teen that is having trouble earning money? You can websites to earn money.


About one year ago I was sitting in your shoes and wondering how to earn money. Then I found websites that make you money and I instantly loved them.


I have used many money making websites and in my opinion, these are the best websites to earn money on hands down.


Some of these websites require you to be 18 or older but some others don’t. And these websites are listed in a random order.


  1. MusicXray

MusicXray is perfect for someone that likes to listen to music. MusicXray lets you listen to music to make money. Each song you rate and review and then you are payed out pretty heavily, but there are few songs to listen too.


I have used this website and I love it for doing very little work and making money for that work. After using the website, for every song you listen and review, you make 10 cents per song. So after using it a couple times I have made 1 dollar already.



Here is a link to sign up for the website…

  1. Slice the Pie

Slice the Pie is very similar to MusicXray in which you rate 


and review music, but you can also rate clothing too in Slice the Pie. Slice the Pie offers a lot more songs and clothing then MusicXray but the pay is less. But there are levels in which the better reviews you give, the more you get payed.


I also use this website and I love it, I make more money on that website than MusicXray, I highly recommend it. I have used this website a lot and I have made close to 3 dollars but with the leveling system, I am only level 2 out of 5, so there is much more money to be made.


Here is a link to sign up for the website…


  1. Microworkers

Microworkers is a site where you complete mini jobs for cash. The jobs can be as simple as using google to search for things or downloading apps on your phone. Depending on what you do, the pay out is different.


I use this site and I love it, it is great to make on money. So far, for doing just searches on google I have made 6 dollars with about less than one hour’s work. But it takes awhile for your job to be approved.


Here is a link to sign up for the website…


  1. Vindale Research

Vindale research is a survey site, which is a site where you answer many questions about different topics.These surveys pay out pretty well and you can invite friends to the site to earn even more money.


I used this site and it is great, for the surveys I did they were not too long, but for most surveys I didn’t fit the criteria. I have made 10 dollars on this site because the surveys are very high paying.


Here is a link to sign up for the website…


  1. Qmee

Qmee is great for people that uses their computer or laptop to make searches on the internet. Qmee pays you when you make searches on the internet by clicking on the links it shows you. Each click pays out pretty well, it is great for doing pretty much no work. But the only downside is you need google chrome to run this.


I love Qmee and I use it all the time. I have made close to 3 dollars for doing no work, just using my computer how I normally use it.


Here is a link to sign up for the website…


  1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a reward site meaning it gives out rewards for doing things on the site. On the site you take surveys, watch videos, search the internet, and other things. This is also perfect if you online shop because it gives you cash back on what you buy. Also this site as a great referral system.


I use Swagbucks and it you get paid to shop and search the internet. I have made 5 dollars by just doing the daily tasks on the site, very little work.


Here is a link to sign up for the website…


  1. rewards you for watching all types of videos including YouTube, app trailers, and more. You can run this on your phone and computer/laptop. Very little work is needed and after many videos, payout is good.


I use and it is great because I do very little work, I can put the videos on and do something else when the videos are playing. But a downside is if you don’t log on enough, it will take all your points away. But still, I have the most out of any website here, I made 25 dollars by letting the videos play in the background.


Here is a link to sign up for the website…


  1. Fiverr

Fiverr is a site where you can sell a service for just 5 dollars. You can sell different services including writing articles and photo editing and many more. You can also buy the services for 5 dollars. It is difficult to start to sell but after awhile you will figure out what works.


I use Fiverr. I know how to create different images and photo edit. I also know how to video edit. This website will make you the most money on this list but you need to put time and work to become successful and make money. Also you need to have some sort of skill that people will by your service.


Here is a link to sign up for the website…