Make Money Young: 7 Ways to Make Money Not Online for Kids and Teens

Being online and using websites can make you a lot of money. It is a great tool. But what if you can’t use websites or do not have the connection. You can make money without being online.


You do not need to be online to make money. There are several easy ways to make money not being online. In fact, it is easier to make in real life than on a website.


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  1. Lawn Care


If you know how to mow a lawn, take out weeds, and do other lawn care stuff, this can make you money. Just by simply mowing people’s lawn you can make a lot of money. You can set up a business where you can go around your neighborhood and mow others lawns for money. But if you don’t live in a neighborhood you can still do different yard work.

I have done lawn care before. I would mow my neighbor’s yard every once and awhile and they would pay me for it. I would also help to pull out weeds too.


2. Shovel Driveways


Now if you live somewhere that gets snow or enough snow to need to be shoveled, this can be perfect. Shoveling snow is pretty easy and depending on how much snow there is, you could get payed a lot. But if it is a weak winter where there is not a lot of snow, you will not make too much money.

A couple of years ago, there was a big snow storm in my town that had some areas over 5 feet of snow. People from all over came in to shovel because they where in so high demand. They could easy make 100 dollars just on one house!


3. Selling Things at School


I have already written a post about this which you can check here. Selling things at school is great and can make a lot of money. Depending on what school you go to there can be many people. You need to sell the product everyone wants.

When everyone wanted a fidget spinner I sold them to my school. I got them at a store and then I would tell people on social media. I would sell them in school. In just 2 days I made 50 dollars.


4. Dog Walking


If you are a dog lover, this could be perfect for you. All you need to do is walk dog, which is very simple. You can create posters and hang them up around your neighborhood. This is perfect for elderly people who need help to walk their dog.

I would help walk my neighbors dog when they went on vacation. I would come over and talk the dog on a ten minute walk once every day for just 2 days. In just 2 days I made 5 dollars for walking a dog.


5. Turing Trash into Cash


I also have written a post about this which you can find here. What this is, is buying something for really cheap and turning it into something that is really nice. Or buying something for cheap and redoing it and fixing it up. This is perfect if you have skills in creating things or using your hands.

I did this with my brother and we created glass ornaments. We would buy glass for cheap and then make glass ornaments out of it and sell them to our friends and family and at a garage sale.


6. Babysitting


Now, you may have heard this one a lot but just wait. Babysitting is great because if someone likes you, you can keep getting business from them over and over again making a lot of money. Now you have to like kids or at least tolerate them to do this.

I have never done babysitting before, but however I have watched kids before and know people who have done this before. After just watching and playing with my brother and his friend at a park, the mother asked if I do babysitting. So by just watching a kid I was able to gain a costumer if I did babysit.


7. Sell Food at a Park


Buy some chip bags, get some waters, and set up a table and chair. You can make a lot of money selling food and water at parks. Try to sell during a baseball or soccer tournament where there will be a lot of people. Buy food and sell it at an increased price.

I have not sold food at a park before but I have researched it. You could sell water for one dollar and a bag of chips for 50 cents. But be careful to make sure that you can sell stuff in the park that you are in.

All of these different ideas can make you money by not being online.