Make Money Young: 3 Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games

Many teens and adults love to play videos. Video games can be fun to play and really addicting. Some people even play video games a little bit too much. But, did you know you can turn this hobby into some money? Making money playing video games can be fast and easy if you know how to do it.



1. Make Money Playing a Free Video

Surprisingly to some you can make money by by playing some free video games. You can collect valuable currencies in the game.


This free video game that I am talking about is called Unturned. This game is only available on Steam, in which you need a computer to run. But of course, the game is free.


Unturned is a zombie survival game. You must build a base to live in and also grab loot from nearby towns in the game. You can also play by yourself, or with friends because there is a multiplayer mode. This game is very fun, and I would recommend to play it. The only downside is that the game has graphic that is very blocky, similar to Minecraft.


Here is a link if you would like to play the game.


You are must likely asking, how do you make money? Well, it is pretty simple. In game, you can get items for just playing the game. The longer you play, the more gear you can get. Also the longer you play the better items you can get meaning the items are more valuable you play.


To sell the items, you can but them on the Steam Market Place. This is the only place where you can sell the items, but you need Steam to run the game anyway. You must not be making a lot of money at first, but the more you play, the more money you can make.


You can check out my blog post I have already wrote about this topic, which you can check out here.


2. Twitch

Twitch is a popular video game live streaming website. Many people live stream themselves playing any video game they want.


Before you can make money, you must gain a good following with people that are active with you. Every time you stream these people must be there communicating with you threw the chat.


To gain these followers you should stream everyday or as much as you can, they more you stream, the more people will discover you. Also don’t play video games that alto of people play, play games that are popular but not a lot of people play so followers can find you.


Also try to stay entertaining and funny so people will want to watch you. If you are boring, you would want to watch something that is boring. But, if you are not funny, then make sure you are good at the game. People like to watch and follow others that are good at the games they play so they can get better.


Now that you have some followers, you can make some money. There are so many ways to make money on Twitch. One way is for your followers to donate there money to you. many twitch streamers do this. They also have donation goals on all of there streams too, with a progress bar the viewer can see.


Another way to make money is with affiliate marketing. Just simply promote a link. People will buy what the link is trying to sell and you will get some money for it.


If you pair the playing Unturned on twitch you can make even more money!


3. Sell Virtual Currency

After playing video games for awhile you can all the best gear or have a lot of currency for that game. Do you know that you can sell this?


After playing for awhile you will have very valuable things that some people are willing to pay for it. Also, if you are going to stop playing a game, you can sell all the items on it too.


To sell these items, the best way is to find a community on the specific console or computer you are playing it on. Join one of the communities and tell everyone that you are selling, what every you are selling. also tell them to message you.


If someone messages you back, make sure they are safe to sell the items to and will not scam you. it is very important to make sure they are safe because you don’t want to have all of your stuff taken.


You can use Paypal to transfer money, over just trade items on a different game too.



Like many things, combining these methods will make you the most money. These techniques will not make you tons of money, but enough to pay for your video games and everything else associated with it. But, if you try your hardest, you can make a lot of money playing video games.

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