Make Money Young: 2 Business Ideas for Teens

The best way to make money is to start your own business. Businesses fill the needs of people or other companies to make their life easier. Starting a business in the long run can make you some great money, but of coarse it is easier said then done because running a business envolves a lot of hard work, time, and money need to be put in the business to make it work.


Businesses are a great thing, but for a teen to start one, it is a whole different story. It is much harder for teens to start there own businesses for many different reasons. One is just plain and simply there age. Most things, you have to be older to use and can make it difficult. Also teens have little money to start a business with too.


But just because your a teen wanting to start a business, you should not be punished. Here a list of 2 different business ideas for you to use written by another teen (me). I promise all of these ideas are great and if you put time into creating the actual business, you can make money.



1. Social Media Marketing

The first business idea is social media¬†marketing. In case you don’t know online marketing is promoting something, whether it is a company or product or something else, to bring more business to it.


Business uses social media to try to bring in more costumers. But, they often can’t. That is where you come in. You want to try to run this business’s social media accounts in order to bring in more costumers. These businesses will pay you to do just that.


Most people have no idea how to promote there business with social media. If you know just a little bit about promoting there social media, you can be really successful with this. Even if you don’t know how top, you can easily learn by just reading a couple of blogs and watch informational videos.


You can earn thousands of dollars per month to do social media marketing, and you can mange more than one account at once. Social media marketing is a great thing to jump on now for your business.


2. Retail Arbitrage

The second business idea is retail arbitrage. If you don’t know what retail arbitrage is, it is buying something in stores or online and then selling it for an even higher price. This is buy low sell high.


If you can put time into this business, retail arbitrage can make you a lot of money. But first, you need to learn about different products you want to sell and where. Learning is easy, but can take you a long time. Luckily, there are many videos, blogs, and online courses to help you out with this.


You can find products cheap when they are on sale or clearance online and in stores. You can go looking around to try to find these products. And then later you can use amazon or eBay to sell these products for a profit.


Many people are doing this which is great for you because there is a lot of help if you need it. Also, you can make thousands of dollars a month with this business idea.


I have wrote a blog post about this already if you would like to look at it, check here.



These 2 business ideas can make you tons of money. But you need to put them into practice first before you can start earning for first dollars.

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