Make Money on Your Phone With Scratch Off Tickets

Using your smart phone is a great way to make money. There are so many apps that can make you money. These apps can make you do different things like watching videos, playing games, or downloading apps. But one of my favorite ways to make money on my phone is to do scratch off tickets. These are totally free and really fun to do compared to other apps.

About the App


This app is really fun and easy to use. The app is called Lucktastic. What you do on the app is play scratch off tickets. Lucktastic is available on the App Store and the Google Play Store. And upon downloading the app, you will then have to create an account so you can start to earn money and points.


Stratch Off Tickets

The main way to make money on Lucktastic is by playing scratch off tickets. There are a lot of scratch off tickets on the app, but you are limited on how many you can play each day. But the next day there will be more.


When playing a scratch off, there are 2 different ways you can win. The first by what the card says. Before clicking on the ticket, there is an amount listed which shows how much you can win if you win the ticket. On most tickets to win you must match 3 symbols in a row.


The other way to win is bonus play. After scratching off the ticket, there is a box called bonus play. It will always give you a prize. It normally is not a lot but can be sometimes. Once I won 50 cents from this bonus play spot and another time I won 200 tokens.


As the more money the tickets are worth, the less likely you will win. But the lower they are worth, the more likely you will win. Using the app, I won the lowest two tickets everyday I used the app.


Other Ways to Make Money

On this app there are so many ways to make money. One way is from watching videos, you can gain tokens from watching these videos. Another way is a daily reward. After completing one scratch off ticket, the app will offer you a reward. The more days you complete this, the more points you will then get.


Another great way to make money is to enter contest. When entering contests, you will spin a wheel to see how many times you will get in the contest. The contest will go on for many days but the prize is really big. But it is very hard to win, so how good is your luck?


Refer a Friend

You can refer a friend on this app. When inviting your friend, if they sign up using your code, you will earn 1000 tokens. You can share this code many ways including on Facebook, Twitter, and text messages. If you can a lot of invites, you can earn a lot of tokens fast.


Points System and Redeem

There are 2 different points system on the app. The first is money. This is really money. You can get this from bonus play on scratch off tickets and winning scratch off tickets. To redeem the money on your account, there are many different ways. One way is to mail a check, they will mail a check to your house only if you have 10 dollars or above on your account. Another way is to use Dwolla which can send any amount up to 99 dollars. But it is pretty rare to get money on Lucktastic.


The other point system is tokens. Tokens are like the point system so many people have. You can get tokens from doing everything on the app, scratch offs, watching videos, daily rewards, and everything else. When redeeming these tokens, you can get different gift cards to places like Walmart. Tokens are really common so you will end up getting a lot of them.



Lucktastic is a really easy and fun way to make money. By doing scratch offs on this app, you can make money. But there are also so many other ways on this app to make money. When I used this app I made 15 dollars in about 1 and a half weeks using this app. It is not a get rich app but if you have the luck to win, can you?



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