Make Money Young: Make Money by Listening to Music for Teens

Everyone listens to music, ether when working out, in the car, just to relax, or doing other things. There are many different styles of music too, rock, jazz, pop, and many more. Music is great to listen to absorb the words and sounds. But do you know that there are some websites that let you listen to music to make money?



I have written about these websites before, but only really brief. This is a more in depth post about these websites. You can check the other article here which also has many other websites too that help you make money online.


Make Money Listening to Music

Making money by listening to music can be so easy. If you love music and want to find new songs, this can be perfect for you. You get payed to do things you like. Making money with music is simple, the site plays a song and all you have to do is rate it or maybe even give it a written review.


There are two different websites that let you make money by listening to music.



Slicethepie is very simple and easy to use. First you select what you want to review and rate, you can pick between two things music and clothes, but in the post we are only interested in music but if you like fashion, you can check that out.


After selecting music, a song will play. You must listen to it for 90 seconds at the least before you can move on to the next song. You also have to rate the song out of 5 stars, 1 being bad and 5 being amazing. You also need to write a review about the song, the longer the review, the better. Also try not to use the same review for each song or talk about similar things, the website will see that and make you rewrite some reviews and you could get payed less.


Also on the site there is a leveling system. To level up you need to write good reviews. Also the more reviews you write, will make you level up. The levels are 1 threw 5, 1 being the level you start off as and 5 being the max level. The higher level you are the more money you can earn. At level one you only earn around 4 cents but at level 5 you could earn around 9 cents.


Refer a Friend

Slicethepie offers a refer a friend system on there site. If your friend uses your code when signing up or they sign up using your special link, you can earn a reward. The reward is that you gain 10% of all of your friends earnings. Now that doesn’t mean that you will steal there earnings, they will make the same as if they didn’t use your code, you will simple get 10% of what they make. Say they make 1.00 dollar, you will get 10 cents.



I have used this site before and it is amazing. It is really easy to make money on. There are so many songs you can do daily. In one day, I made 2 dollars. It may not sound like a hole lot. But it was my first day using the website, imagine if I was a level 5, I could have doubled the money I made! It is so hard to run out of songs to, there are so many to review, which I love.



MusicXray is very simple to use just like the other website. The site will automatically give you a song to review. You don’t have to listen to it for very long to, but you can listen to the hole thing if you want. The difference out MusicXray and Slicethepie is that on MusicXray you only have to rate the song out of 5 stars making it a lot more easier to make money. There is a lot less work in order to make money.


But there are a couple of bad things about the website. The site requires you to have a Facebook account. It needs this in order for the site to match you with music. When signing up for the website, the site will make you fill out what are your favorite artists and favorite music genres. It does this so it can match you up with music you like, this can be good if you only want to listen to some music. But bad if you don’t have or don’t want to make a Facebook account.


Also the site only gives you a couple songs a day. Everyday there are new songs but there only are a couple. It really depends on what day you are having, some days you can get a lot, but others only a little bit. You get so little songs because the pay out per song is so high, you get 10 cents per song, that is a lot more than Slicethepie.


Refer a Friend

On this site you can refer a friend too. But this site is more like an affiliate link then a refer a friend. If you don’t know a affiliate link is. it is a link that if someone clicks on it and buys the product, the owner of the link will make money. So on MusicXray, if you refer your friend, in order for you to make money off of them, your friends needs to buy something. The website offers many things to buy, if they buy something, you will gain 15% of what they pained. Your friend will not have to pay extra, he will pay 100% and 15% will go to you and 85% will go to MusicXray.



I have used MusicXray before. I used it for a little while now, I have made 1 dollar, but since there are not that many songs, it is not to bad.


Using Both Sites

Now the best way to go is to use both websites to make money, since MusicXray only has a couple songs per day, it will not take you to long. You can spend the rest of the time on Slicethepie. After being on Slicethepie for a long time you will earn about the same per song as MusicXray. Use both of these sites to make the most money. It will not feel like a chore to you if you like music.