Make Money Young: Getting Passive Income by Using App Review

Almost everyone uses a smart phone or a computer. Many people use these on a day to day bases. But, on your computer and smart phone there are many apps and websites to make money with. One of the best apps is



First off, can be used as both an app, and a website. The app you can download on both the google play store and on the app store. The website is linked here. You can use both of these, the app and the website, to use the same features, they are the same.


Also, has many other apps and websites. Perk is the main app and the company. There are many different apps on perk including Perk Pop Quiz, Perk Scratch, and many more. These apps have a lot of different things to do. You can play games, shop, watch videos, do scratch offs, and many more things.


All of these apps are connected with the same point system, so if you earn points on one app, you can use them on another. These apps have a point system called Perk Points. You can use these to redeem for prizes.


Watching Videos

On to get your points you can watch videos. There are many different types of videos to watch, I recommend watching shorter videos, they will end up giving you more points.You can watch different things between YouTube videos, movie trailers, info about celebrities, and much more. Before each video is played, you need to watch an ad, this is how Perk makes there money.


Listening to Ads

On the app there is a feature when you view ads, you can make money. Say your watching TV and an ad comes up, if the app is on it will detect the ad, it will then ask some questions and you will receive points. The more popular ads you listen to and watch, the better.


I recommend watching this video. It has the most high quality and best ads here. The video will be so condensed with ads that the app will pick them up so fast. You will gain more points watching this video then watching ads by themselves.


Refer a Friend

On the app there is a refer a friend section. You can text them your code, email or put it on Facebook and twitter. When you refer someone, you can earn points when they earn points. Say they earn 2000 points from referring them, you both will earn one dollar. Same thing the other way around if someone refers you, if they earn 2000 points, you both get a dollar. But the list keeps going up, you can earn even more from there.


Make Money Idle

On the app, when watching ads you can make money idle. After you finish one video, another one plays automatically. So when one video is done, another plays. This is great because that means you can turn on the app and just walk away and do something else. You will make money by just leaving your phone on and watching videos for you.


Also you can do this on more than one device. The more you have, the more you make. You can double or triple your earnings. That is pretty great. But there is a maximum of 5 accounts per household. If you are doing this and you want another device, I recommend the LG Optimus 2. It costs around 40 dollars and if you keep it running all day you can earn your money back on it in just one week, or maybe even less.



When I used I thought is was the best app ever. I would run it on my old phone and on my laptop. I would do this when I went to school. In about 5 days, I earned 15 dollars. That is a lot for just leaving it on when I am at school. When I would come home, I would add my phone to the mix and make even more, in one week i made around 20 dollars for letting my phone sit idle.



Unlike many other apps and websites, you can’t redeem on Instead you need to use the website or app called This is where you can redeem your points. You can redeem for gifts, similar to many other sites. Also on the site, you can redeem for different products like clothes, electronis, and many more. This site also lets you make money on it, but it is primarily used for redeeming your points. You can check the site out here.

Conclusion is one amazing app that work really well. You can make passive income and even invest in phones to make more money. You can leave your phone on when doing other things to make money.



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