Make Money Young: 5 Apps to Make Money With

Your smart phone is a great tool. You can do many things on your phone including searching the internet, playing games, and looking at the time. With your phone you can also, make money. There are many different apps that can help you make money. These apps that make you money can vary between doing simple tasks to downloading apps.


I have used all of these apps before and have made money off of them. I would recommend you to check them all out. I also have made other more in depth posts about some of these apps.


1. AppNana

AppNana is an app that lets you make money on your phone. To make money you must download other apps. You can select the app you want to download and then download it on AppNana and then you will gain points from it. You also have to use on it for awhile to earn your points. After gaining enough points, you can then redeem for gift cards and even other paid apps.


I have used AppNana for around 2 weeks and I really enjoy it. It is very different from other apps on how to make money. In the 2 weeks I have made almost 130,000 points which is around 7 or 8 dollars. I only used the app for around 30 minutes when watching TV. AppNana is a great way to earn money on your phone.


I have wrote another blog about this app which you can check out here.



2. is another app where you can make money on your phone. It is really easy to do. All you have to do is watch videos, that is it. There are so many different selections of videos to watch from YouTube videos to movie reviews and trailers. Also you can keep videos playing, they don’t stop, after one another one plays. You can have multiple devices playing these videos and you can earn points for letting them play in the background. After getting all these points, you can redeem them with getting gift cards and even stuff like chargers for you phone right on the app.


I have used before and I love it. For around 2 weeks I have used this app and made around 20 dollars for letting videos play on my phone when I was not using it. I would go to school and leave my old phone and my laptop (there also is a website) to play these videos when I go to school. I earn a lot of my points doing that. I love because you have to do so little work to make money.



3. AdLove

AdLove is another app where you can make money on your phone. You can make money by watching TV with this app. AdLove has a feature where if an ad is playing, then it will pick up the ad on the app and let you rate it for some points. So the next time you are watching TV and ads come on, use this feature on AdLove to make some money from these ads. The app also lets you make money from watching videos and doing different challenges on the app. After getting these points you can redeem for gift cards.


I have used AdLove before and it can make you money so fast. I made 5 dollars in one hour. I did this when I found a YouTube video with Superbowl ads. The video was so condensed with ads that when you finish rating one ad another has already popped up. This made me 5 dollars in one hour watching the same video over again.


I have wrote a blog post about AdLove that goes more in depth and also shows the video I used which you can find here.



4. Shopkick

Shopkick is another app that you can make money on. Shopkick lets you make money when going grocery shopping. The app lets you scan different food items to earn points, you scan the bar code of the product you want to earn points on. Also when you go into some stores, the app will give you points for walking in the store. And also, you can earn points when you buy some products. After gaining these points you can redeem the points for gift cards.


I have used Shopkick before, I really love it. I have used it one only on a couple of grocery store runs and I have earned 5 dollars back already. Also, when walking around the mall, you could earn a lot of points from all the stores. The app looks great and is very easy to use.


I have wrote a blog post about this app which you can check out here.



5. CheckPoints

CheckPoints yet another app where you can earn money on your phone. This app is very similar to Shopkick. You can scan bar codes to make money. You can check into places with the app but you do not have to be in or outside the store to get points, you could be farther away. Also you can watch videos and play games to earn points. When you gain all the points, you can check out for different gift cards.


I have used CheckPoints before and it is great. When I checked out with it I earned my gift card in seconds. I used it for around 2 weeks and I earned 10 dollars which is not bad. CheckPoints offers so many was to make money, and it is a easy and fun app to use. I recommend to use both CheckPoints and Shopkicks to earn the most points on your shopping trips.


I have written a post already about this app which you can find here.



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