Make Money Young: Make Money Playing A Free Video Game

A lot of kids and teens like to play video games for many hours each week. Some people can send to much time on video games. But from video games, there are great ways to make money. But there is one game that is free that makes making money with video games fun. All you need to do is play the game and spend time on it. You can make money from playing video games.


If you don’t want to play video games to make money, but you still want to make some money. Check out my other blog posts here and here.


About the Game

The game that lets you make money when playing video games is called Unturned. It is only available on PC or computers. Also to make money you need to run the game on Steam which has thousands of other games too, this is where you download the game and make the money.


If you don’t know what Steam is, it is a video game store similar to Game Stop but it only is online. It is a website, but you can also download the software. Steam offers thousands of games on which you can play, but it is only on PC or computer. You can check out more about Steam here.


Unturned is a game very similar to H1Z1 Just Survive. It is a survival game with zombies. You need to collect things and build bases to survive. Also you can play with your friends. There are multiplier servers so you can play with friends and other people online.


The game also offers many different maps to play on and the games community offers mods too, to change the game up. The game offers a gold addition in which you can get extra stuff for 5 dollars but you don’t need it to make money.


The one downside to this game for some people is that the graphics are not that good. The graphics are very similar to a game called Minecraft. The graphics can be very blocky and not looking smooth. I was first turned off by this. But I worked around the graphics and started to love the game. I now have played it a lot. You can check out the game’s page here to learn more.


Making the Money

In Unturned there are items in the game in which you can collect. These are the items which can be sold for real money. You can get these items by just playing the game. The more you play, the more items you can get. You don’t need to be doing anything specific in the game, but you need to be actively playing the game, you can’t leave your character still. Once you finish playing, the game will give these items to you at the home screen of Unturned. These items are in your Steam account. At first, the items are not that rare, but as you keep playing, the rarer the items can get. And the more rare these items are, the more money you can make.


Selling the Items

There is only one way to sell these items, it is selling them on the Steam market place. There is a market on Steam where you can buy and sell items from Unturned and all different games. When you get the items from Unturned, they will automatically be transferred to your Steam account. Then you can list these items up to buy for a free cost, no charge. The market shows what other people are buying and selling for and at what price. When listing, list for the cheaper or cheapest price so your thing will sell quickly. Also it may not sell as fast as you want because there are many people trying to sell the same items.


There is only one problem with this. You can’t take your money out of Steam. There is no ways to get it out. The only thing you can do is buy games and buy market items with this. This might be bad for many people, but if you like video games, you can not have to spend a single dime on video games ever again.


But I never said that there was an indirect way to get this money out. You could always buy games on Steam with the money you earned and then later sell it to other people for real money. Or you can do the same thing with items from the Steam market. There are a lot of indirect ways to get your money out, but you may just need to be a little bit creative to get it out.