Make Money Young: Make Money with Can and Bottle Returns

Everyone drinks out of a bottle or a can at some point. Ether it is water, soda, or another drink. And once the drink is empty most people just throw it out or recycle it. But do you know, that you can return these bottles for money.


In the United States of America, you can return bottles and cans for money. Companies pay for these cans for metal or reuse. This is a cheaper option than buying it new. Same thing with bottles. They reuse the plastic for other products.


But before you start to run out and grab bottles, only some of the 50 states allow bottle and can returns for money. These states include, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Oregon, and Vermont. Also, in all these states, the laws are different, some only accept some types of bottles, when another state excepts others. Also, the prices are different. In most places the returns are 5 cents a bottle or can. But in Michigan, it is double the price, you get 10 cents. If you want to read more about these laws, check the link here.


If you do live in one of these states, you are in luck because you can make a lot of money with these cans and bottle returns. But if you don’t live in these states, no worries, I have more articles that you can find here and hereĀ to make money.


I live in one of the states that let you return cans and I take advantage of returning cans. I get cans from everywhere. At home, my family loves to drink soda and out of plastic water bottles. I get cans from my grandparents and there friends. With all of these cans I earn about 30 dollars a month returning cans. It may not sound like a lot, but I am not even trying, I have other people do the work for me.


I know someone that in one day, made 100 dollars off of cans. How did they do this? How did they get so many cans? It is simple. Here are 3 different ways to get cans.


  1. There are many ways to get these cans. One is to go threw garbage. Nobody likes it but it is the best way to get these cans and bottles. Now when I say go threw garbage, I don’t mean in a big dumpster. I mean go to a park and look threw the garbage cans. But you still don’t like going threw garbage, on a garbage day when everyone’s trash is out, go threw recycle bins. They are a lot cleaner than garbage cans.


2. Ask your neighbors and family to keep cans for you. It may not seem like a lot. But after you ask many people, they will start to rack up. My family keeps cans and bottles for me, every time I visit with them, I get there cans. This is very little work to get these cans.


3. Clean up. When I was on vacation at the beach, I saw a boy asking people to put there empty cans and bottles in a bag so he could sell them. This is perfect, cleaning up is a great way to get cans and also to keep the environment clean. You can clean up parks and other sites to get your cans.


After getting all these cans there are 2 spots in which you can cash them in…


  1. At a supermarket. There is a supermarket by me called Topps. It has a separate room in its store for just returning bottles. There is a machine that takes the bottle or can and counts it off. After you will go into the store and go to the register to get your money. You do get more money in this method but it takes so much longer to turn them in.


2. At a cash for cans store. Around me there are stores that take your cans and give you money for them. In this people come and do this for you and there are no machines unlike at a supermarket. This is a lot faster and if you have a really big about of cans and bottles you can drop it off for them to do later. But you can get less money because of human error, stores count your cans in there heads. So there is a better chance you can get less money.


Out of these 2 stores, I would recommend a cash for cans place. The service is better and takes up less of your time. Even if you get less money, it may only take 5 minutes for a lot of cans. Nut at a supermarket, it may take 30 minutes.


Returning bottles and cans are a great way to make money, if you live in a state with returns. I would recommend checking out doing bottle returns.



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  1. In case you can’t return your cans or bottles, do see if you can reuse them. You can reuse your bottles and containers in various different ways, from making landscaping to use them as holders and much more..

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