Make Money Young: Make Money by Watching TV Ads

Everyone watches TV, for sporting games, to relax, as entertainment, and for many other reasons. But when watching TV, the most annoying thing is having to watch ads in between whatever you are watching. Pretty much everyone doesn’t like watching ads. But, you can make money from watching these ads. With just one app you can start to make money watching TV, this will also make you love to watch ads even more.

About the App

You want to know what the app is called so you can start to earn money? Well, the app is called AdLove. AdLove has many different ways to make money including watching videos, rating ads, and doing there challenges. It has a redeem prize of gift cards for many different stores and restaurants. AdLove is so easy to use and has a nice new modern design.


Make Money Watching TV

The app has a feature where the app will listen to your surroundings. If it picks up an ad, it will let you rate it, and you will earn points from it. So when you are watching TV turn this feature on when the ads are playing. You can make money by watching ads. Make sure when using this feature that the volume is loud so AdLove can pick up the ad. Also it helps when the ad is popular, the app will recognize the ad easier because the app has heard it so many times before. Also when rating the ads, try to do different things. If ratings are to similar, the app will make you do it again.


When I used this app, I could make 5 dollars per hour. How did I do that? Well, I found a video on YouTube linked here, this is a list of Super Bowl ads from 2016. These ads are so popular that the app will pick them up as soon as the video starts playing. Also the video is so compacted with ads that as soon as you are done watching and rating one ad, another will be waiting for you to rate it. I would watch this video over and over again, and in 1 hour I have made 5 dollars by watching and rating ads.


Other Ways to Make Money

There are 2 other ways to make money on the app. The first way is to watch videos. On the app there is a option to watch ads, you have to watch the full ad and then rate the ad. It takes longer than using the other feature. Also the more videos you watch, the more the your reward decreases.


Another way to make money on the app is to complete the challenges. These are pretty simple and easy which can lead to you getting more points. Some of these include checking in everyday to get a bonus, the more days you have in a row, the more you can get. Another challenge is completing your profile, when signing up, if you fully complete your profile, you can earn more points. There are also other challenges too.



When redeeming on the app it is quit simple. You can redeem for gift cards, the max amount to redeem for depends on what gift card you want, but you can get an unlimited amount. Also, you can donate the money you earned to charity. If you don’t need money right now, you can donate it. I think it is really great that you can donate to charity, it is not in a lot of apps or websites.



You can make money by just watching TV. By using the app AdLove you can make money by just simply sitting there and rating ads. But if you want to make the most money you can with this app, use the YouTube video which can make you 5 dollars per hour.