About Us

Hi, I am Matt. I am currently still in high school, I am a teen entrepreneur. I have learned so much in the past couple of years and I have wanted to come and share it.


About a year ago I was sitting on my couch and I was thinking how can I gain more money. And I wanted to do it fast and easy. I have spent one year reading different blogs watching hours of YouTube videos and search myself to see what is good and not.


In high school, I have never taken a business class but I will soon. I gained all my knowledge through hours of research. And I created this blog to help people like me out. I want to be the most successful I can be. Other adults may try to know what we think but unlike them, I know how it is being a teen now.


My favorite Things:


Football- I play for me high school and it is my favorite thing.


Video games- when I get free time, I play, maybe a little bit too much.


Music- I used play the saxophone in band and also in a jazz band and I am teaching myself how to play the piano.


Travel- It is my favorite thing to do, I love going to new places and trying new things


I want to thank my Dad so much for helping me with this website and everything he has done for me.